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Interior Design

Our professional Interior Designer is included in our full service business approach at no additional cost to our client. From the start, we want to know the size of the home or remodel desired and what the homeowner feels is a comfortable budget. This is often the first time the owner will make a significant decision that will impact the look and function of their home. So the design process is not always easy, especially when material and styles often look very different on paper than they do in real life.

We employ a collaborative approach to facilitate each step. Together with our clients we decide on how a room will be used, or the ultimate look desired. Whether it’s designing a kitchen or living room, or laying a foundation, the final product is often more satisfying when a design is planned in advance and attention is given to every detail.

Balance Creates a Satisfying Design

Our designs are not always about selecting a component with a special flare; some objects or color schemes are exceptional, but when paired with other ideas may appear too busy; so balancing an understated element with something more striking is often the right solution.

Whatever building phase, we never lose sight of the overall project to ensure the right balance of design, function and cost. Taking things step by step and layering the design is also essential. We may start with cabinet selection, for instance, move on to countertops and then flooring.

Budgeting for Success

Within the design budget, we set financial range for each design selection, although limits are always within a scope of excellent quality material. We pass on our builder pricing from our vendors, offering an excellent financial value.